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s3cmd WARNING: Retrying failed request

I used s3cmd cp and s3cmd sync commands to copy files from source s3 folder to s3 destination. Copying  is too slow, I see many attempts, failed by timeout, like this

In ~/.s3cfg file I found socket_timeout setting, which is 100 by default. Setting it to 1000 helped me:


Most used s3cmd commands

This article contains my most used s3cmd and other commands for my Ubuntu server.

Upload folder to S3:
$ s3cmd put mylocalfile.ext s3://mybucket/myfolder/myfile.ext

Download file from S3
$ s3cmd get s3://mybusket/myfolder/mufile.ext mylocalfile.ext

Download S3 folder to local file system (sync)
$ s3cmd sync s3://mybusket/myfolder mylocalfolder

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