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R vs Python for time series analysis

Working with R and Python simultaneously is a mess. Here is a short comparison how to do things with R and Python to analyze financial data.

Reading the data



Reading financial data



View table



Selecting time series






Train model


.. to be continue


Find jar with class

This helped me to resolve java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.  Bash command scans jar files in the folder and prints who contains given class.


Git server on Windows

Spent some time struggling with Git server on Windows (!). Memorize it here to not forget.

Init Windows git server

On Windows. git server create a folder for project, let it be c:/GitRepos/myProject.git Enter that directory with cygwin and run command there:

Access from client.

Note: Windows user git includes server name with plus sign: server1+git



Kill Linux process

Filter processes by string pattern (let it be “java” processes):

Find my process in resulted list and kill by id:

Kill all processes by “java” pattern:


Cancel postgres process

Show list of active processes to see pid there


Cancel the process by pid



Apache Spark Feature is not recognized

Problem: Apache Spark 1.3.1 application produces the following error:

Fix: edit pom.xml to use older version of xercesImpl Continue reading

Signing jar manually

Steps to manually sign a jar

Generate a new key with alias dmitry-dev

Enter password and passphrase, remember them Continue reading