Monthly Archives: June 2016

Work with HBase from Spark shell

My software versions

Spark 1.6.1, HBase 1.2.1, run on EMR 4.7.1

Spark and HBase installation:,

Configure Spark

Edit spark-defaults.conf and ensure spark.driver.extraClassPath and spark.executor.extraClassPath contain path to hbase libraries.  For me it is /usr/lib/hbase/lib/*

My extra class pathes: Continue reading

Install Zookeeper on Linux

Zookeeper installation steps are nice and easy for dev environment.

  1. Download zookeeper from, extract it to some place, let it be /opt/zookeeper/
  2. Create a simple zoo.cfg file, i.e. copy config sample /opt/zookeeper/conf/zoo_sample.cfg to /opt/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg
  3. Start zookeeper
    /opt/zookeeper/bin/ start
  4. Stop zookeeper
    /opt/zookeeper/bin/ stop