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Clear Apache Storm cluster remotely

My bash scripts to clear Storm and Zookeeper cluster remotely by ssh.

Main idea:

Connect to every zookeeper server by ssh and stop zookeeper, then delete data folder. Then connect to every Storm node by ssh, kill Storm processes and delete data folder. Connect to zookeeper servers again, start them. Connect to Storm nodes again, start them. Continue reading

Apache Storm supervisor is not listed in cluster

Symptoms: when trying to run a Storm supervisor node it is  not listed in cluster. We can see the following error in log:

Error when processing event java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.EOFException at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.deserialize(Utils.java:69) ~[storm-core-]

Solution worked for me:  Stop zookeeper and supervisor, clean data dirs. This will probably not suite the production because of data lost.

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