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Can not type asterisk in Eclipse

Is not able to type asterisk * in Eclipse, but it works pretty nice in other applications. To resolve:

Solution 1

  • open terminal and go current workspace folder
  • Go to .metadata/.plugins folder and locate workbench.xml file with bad lines in it:
    grep -R "SHIFT+8" *
    The result will look like:

    org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi: <bindings xmi:id="_aLHQwCaAEeOBOe4lOFe2qQ" keySequence="SHIFT+8 W" command="_eZ-6uoZrEeKW-cnY0IziBw">
    org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi: <bindings xmi:id="_aLH30CaAEeOBOe4lOFe2qQ" keySequence="SHIFT+8 I" command="_eZucD4ZrEeKW-cnY0IziBw">
  • Open workbench.xmi with your favorite text editor and remove these two lines

Solution 2

In Eclipse go to Window – Preferences – Editors – Keys. Search commands with Shift+8 keys, select them, press Unbind Command button.


Eclipse: install new software does not work

I try to install additional plugins in Eclipse Kepler SR2 from Help -> Install New Software menu. I select a site or type filter text,  but nothing happened, the selection window remains blank. Internet works fine on my machine as well as Help -> Eclipse Market Place menu.

Solution: close eclipse, go to eclipse workspace folder and remove the following file:

Eclipse menu does not appear in Ubuntu 14.04

Tested with Ubuntu 14.04, Eclipse Kepler SR2

Eclipse itself works fine but menus File, Edit etc. does not open and cut off.

To fix this, open eclipse.desktop file for edit. It's located at


or at /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

Find the line Exec=… and replace the whole line with

Exec = env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY = /opt/eclipse/eclipse

replace /opt/eclipse/eclipse with a path to your Eclipse.