Apache Storm supervisor is not listed in cluster

Symptoms: when trying to run a Storm supervisor node it is  not listed in cluster. We can see the following error in log:

Error when processing event java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.EOFException at backtype.storm.utils.Utils.deserialize(Utils.java:69) ~[storm-core-]

Solution worked for me:  Stop zookeeper and supervisor, clean data dirs. This will probably not suite the production because of data lost.

Zookeeper server – stop zookeeper. In my case it is located in /opt/zookeeper , so
$ /opt/zookeeper/zkServer.sh stop

Zookeeper server – delete content of data dir. Location of data dir can be picked from zoo.cfg.

Storm supervisor node – clean storm local data on supervisor. Pick the location from Storm log file /opt/storm/logs.supervisor.log searching by “storm.local.dir”

Zookeeper server – start zookeeper:
$ /opt/zookeeper/zkServer.sh start

Storm supervisor node – start Storm  supervisor:
$ /opt/storm/bin/storm supervisor

Enjoy! 🙂

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