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Can not type asterisk in Eclipse

Is not able to type asterisk * in Eclipse, but it works pretty nice in other applications. To resolve:

Solution 1

  • open terminal and go current workspace folder
  • Go to .metadata/.plugins folder and locate workbench.xml file with bad lines in it:
    grep -R "SHIFT+8" *
    The result will look like:

    org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi: <bindings xmi:id="_aLHQwCaAEeOBOe4lOFe2qQ" keySequence="SHIFT+8 W" command="_eZ-6uoZrEeKW-cnY0IziBw">
    org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi: <bindings xmi:id="_aLH30CaAEeOBOe4lOFe2qQ" keySequence="SHIFT+8 I" command="_eZucD4ZrEeKW-cnY0IziBw">
  • Open workbench.xmi with your favorite text editor and remove these two lines

Solution 2

In Eclipse go to Window – Preferences – Editors – Keys. Search commands with Shift+8 keys, select them, press Unbind Command button.


Install Hive on Ubuntu


My configuration is Apache Hive 0.13.0 on machine with Ubuntu 14.04 and  Apache Hadoop 2.2.0

(About Hadoop installation –

Download and unpack Hive

Download latest Hive release from Apache web site

Unpack to /opt/hive folder. Change owner to Hadoop user and group, hduser and hadoop in my case

$ sudo chown -R hduser:hadoop /opt/hive

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